In 2000, Monarchia Winetrade Ltd  (Monarchia Borkereskedelmi Kft) was established with a mission in mind to make high quality wines of the best winegrowing regions in Hungary as widely available as possible to the wine lover clientele at a price commensurate to its value. Nowadays, wine consumers find themselves in such bitter sweet a situation where more and more wineries produce numerous wines of ever better quality and thus even the most devoted wine connoisseur is unable on his/her own to get an all-embracing picture of the quality and selection available. A knowledgeable wine merchant, therefore; plays an amplified role by providing the customers with an assortment that portrays a comprehensible and extensive cross-segment of the actuality of Hungarian wines along with offering an appropriate price proportionate to the quality.

Thanks to our continuing visits with wineries devoted to high quality production, a very close and long-term partnership has developed between the winemakers and Monarchia Winetrade Ltd., as the fruit of which a wine selection has emerged that we are proud to recommend both to those in Hungary and overseas.

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